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Posted on Sunday, September 23, 2001 - 09:22 pm:   

This is perhaps my favorite of the many discussions that are flooding the psyche of everyone on this Planet at this time.

I am praying that the tragedies of recent days will become the catalyst for honest searching into the ways that will promote harmony, not only with each other but with the Universe. We are all children in the eyes of God. To pretend otherwise would be embarrassing and constitute the first step towards folly.

Creation is sustained by cooperation between the Idea of the Creator and the Creations that the Creator has created. Simply stated, we have only one true goal and that is to fulfill our purpose in the Divine Plan. This purpose can be nothing extraordinary in the scheme of things, but each step towards harmony contributes to the whole and all progress in the direction of harmony begins with a first gesture, one of simple willingness to be led in the path of righteousness.

The path of righteousness is not the path of superiority but the path of integrity. This is the path in which there are no unnecessary casualities. I do not even mean this in the sense of body counts, but rather in the sense of moral values.

I am praying that those with power use it with purity and clarity rather than vengeance. It is important to end terrorism, but in doing so, we must not generate more terror. We must not surrender personal rights or opportunities for our own unfoldment and fulfillment, and we must not ask anyone else to make such sacrifices. It is a time to honor the Spirit that unites us all in a common Planetary Fate and to seek solutions that permit enormous diversity and the peace to pursue that which brings us into harmony.
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Posted on Sunday, September 23, 2001 - 11:57 pm:   

Hi, this is a great forum & way to unite with our dear brothers & sisters all over the world. Thankyou for your generosity & contribution. I have not had time just now to read so much of what you wold like to share. Love, peace & prayers to everyone & the world at large.
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Posted on Monday, September 24, 2001 - 03:27 am:   

How did you come to your belief that we are "all children in the eyes of God"? What evidence do you have to support "otherwise would be embarassing" or "folly"?
Also how did you determine your thoughts on the "one true goal" is a divinely inspired message?
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Posted on Monday, September 24, 2001 - 05:10 am:   

If we were created by a Creator (and His Wife), we are the children of our Divine Parents. Until we recognize the Harmony of the Spheres and align with it, we act capriciously and foolishly, creating the perturbations or karma for which there will be reactions and all the painful lessons that stem from such.

Did I claim to be presenting a divinely inspired message? Is there such pain in the world that one cannot believe that the cure is in harmonizing with the Divine?
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Posted on Monday, September 24, 2001 - 05:45 am:   

I would like to share this message which I received last week. I find it thought-provoking, inspirational, and appropriate for what we are all dealing with these days ...



ALOHA SWEET FRIENDS. The following will be posted on the Website
marlenecaldes.com, but in the meantime...

by Marlene Caldes
copyright August 2001

Keep your heart open.
Unconscious pain, grief and history
of what was and never can be again
may stalk you and harden your loving heart.
Keep your heart open.
Continue towards love, and allow the light to embrace you as its ancient
It is your heart.
It would cost too much to close it.

Pledge yourself
to an inheritance of the grace of old age
instead of the grief of old age.

It is good to distance yourself from what does not work.
To do what works,
we must acknowledge
that it no longer matters who is right and who is wrong,
what is right and what is wrong,
but only what works.

To kill others off in our lives means to kill ourselves off
Allow compassion and empathy for yourself to flourish,
and they will bleed over
to those who still struggle with their own dark night of the soul.

Ours is to witness, not to judge.
To invite forgiveness to be our constant companion
and let go of hoping for a better past.

You are a profound and formidable character.
You have the heavenly gift of fierce compassion
living within your genrous heart.
Keep your heart open.
It is the gateway to this life’s bliss and beneficence, joy
and happiness with those you love the most.

Hatred, vengeance and rage.
is a pool of pollution that has no visible boundaries
and anihilates spirit.
Your soul’s true mythology seeks to do no harm.
And that mythology is housed within your being and vital to your earthly
To dismantle what your spirit holds dear
is to break the sacred contract you came here to fulfill.

Sit at the table of emptiness and lonliness.
Breathe in and out the agony of your discomfort
This sacred breath reveals to you something of yourself
and deepens your free will.

No Soul will live the script we provide for them
based on our own dreams and fantasies.
They have their own.
Keep the door open and watch the play.

There is light and goodness to be had with acceptance of our feelings.
Patience with our ongoing spiritual journey provides great reward.

Difficult times.
produce a process where all congested, undigested miseries
expand with a vengeance and then dissipate for all time.
Such trial and tribulation.
Such sweet release.

Our soul’s age demands we come to the edge of our knowing
and, not knowing jump into the abyss.
If you go off the cliff, we all go with you,
for such is the covenant we made long before we came to earth
and took up our positions in this tribe,
this time, this age.
The undiscovered sense of oneness with the great All
will find you.

”There is a point in heaven and I shall meet you there”.
How glorious to attend to our promises;
to fan the flame of strength and faith.

To nourish hope for peace in our earthly kingdom delivers us
to the edge of heaven with anticipation of joy.

Marlene Caldes
copyright August 2001
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Posted on Tuesday, September 25, 2001 - 12:02 am:   

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Posted on Tuesday, September 25, 2001 - 12:34 am:   

I see creation as arising from the Mind of God and powered by His Intent. The moment the Thoughtform is externalized, i.e., moved from contemplation to activation, there is a process of becoming that is calibrated by the Mother Matrix. Everything that "is" is part of Creation and cannot exist apart from it.

Unless the complex Universe is a completely arbitrary and capricious explosions of ideas, there is a reason behind it. It's a deduction or mystical conclusion, not a dogma.

In altered states of consciousness, individuals easily make conscious contact with a purposeful part of themselves that works through the energy of inspiration. This inspiration is observed as quick and complete in its detail, but it takes labor to bring the inspiration into reality. This labor is a process that makes us co-creative, i.e., the inspiration seems to constitute a part of the masculine energy of creation and the fulfillment requires grounding the idea in time and space, a task that is carried out by the incarnate being, someone who works consciously or blindly, depending on his or her receptivity to inspiration.

Again, this is not a religion, not a dogma. What I alluded to earlier was merely a statement based on mystical experiences of myself and others with whom I have had the honor of association.
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Posted on Tuesday, September 25, 2001 - 01:03 pm:   

Remember the old 60's slogan, "What if they gave a war and nobody came?" After being intensely focused on the issue this past 2 weeks- I live in Berkeley, the free speech capital of the west - I woke up this morning bored with the whole theatrical. At first I thought to myself, "What a lazy bum you are! People died! Don't you even CARE?" but then I realized that while I cared, I didn't have the interest or the energy to run out and kill anybody back and that in order to get this war off the ground a great many people are going to need to be kept whipped into a frenzie of rage and revenge. When people are calm and quiet it's very unusual to think of revenge and plot hate crimes. Yes, that's done by some cold blooded military types but it's still not the normal responce of most people I know. So what does this mean? It means that now two weeks after the big bang the people who are still obsessed with bombing Afganistan are either those who lost loved ones or those who have been manipulated by the media to get mad, stay mad and buy newspapers. Therefore I ask myself when thoughts of war come into my head, who planted that idea? Whose pawns are we? Who profits if we go to war? What are we not thinking about while are minds are obsessed with this issue? I heard a rumor that a money trail tracing millions of dollars from oil to the pockets of Democrats in Florida who then did not demand a recount, was about to be exposed and therefore this "secret" bomb plot was allowed to be carried out as it provided a distraction. Crazy? I think so, but it does remind us there can be many was of looking at this.
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Posted on Tuesday, September 25, 2001 - 04:10 pm:   

New psychic symptoms emerging fm The Incident?:

Dream bleed through into real life. I.e., what you dream seems as if it is real, happened, and you begin to act as if this is so. Then discover your facts are not real, it *was* a dream, though your perception of the incident is as real as the hands on your body, the gravel beneath your feet. You feel foolish; you feel like you are losing your mind.

Greater intervals where time is "lost". "How did I get here?" and all that, but with greater frequency and longer duration (like an hour!).

Any others to report?

A colleague has suggested the psychic impact of The Incident has moved our collective 'assemblege point' (aka Carlos Castenada, meaning perceptual reality) ...comments?
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Posted on Tuesday, September 25, 2001 - 07:17 pm:   

Well, the first reaction was a reaction, not a response. It was characterized by a flood of toxic testosterone and was "mindless." Fortunately, the president was calmer than the Congress, but we have already terrorized the whole Planet by using the word "war" in our communications.

I gather this is a legal term, but the nuances of our law are not understood by the billions of people who have no idea how the U.S. is going to use all the might it has reorganized. If we can't see the shadow of the fear that is circling the Globe, we will miss a critical issue and fail to take the quantum leap in consciousness and global responsibility that is also possible at this time.

I think our humanitarian efforts are pathetically feeble. Do we really believe that a few million dollars will provide food, shelter, health care, and employment for the refugees who are flooding into Pakistan and Iran?

I see much beauty in the wake of recent events. Moreover, as a lawyer said to me, "When you put aside the emotion, you see that the number of people who died as a result of the Attack on America equals the number who die from secondary complications of smoking every five days." He obviously did not mean to exonerate anyone nor even to suggest that 7000 lives was a fair price to pay for the healing that is now possible.

I think his point is that we do many things every day that are far riskier than anything thus far accomplished by terrorists. He was saying something similar to what pilots are saying: "It's still safer to fly than to drive a car."

Ergo, my point is that with the obscuration of almost all other reporting, we have no idea what new risks will be taken in the name of protecting our freedom. I am praying our government handles this crisis as they would any other criminal investigation and that the sympathy America is experiencing from other Nations and their peoples is used to forge harmonious relationships, but I am not naive and I therefore I hope that all the watch groups are also on alert and that the activist groups will not tire of the news but continue to help maintain the focus on global peace and cooperation. Most of all, I am hoping that the U.S. will use its extraordinary superpower status wisely and that it will make many concessions that honor the needs of other Nations and therefore contribute to balance rather than further destabilization.

God bless.
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Posted on Friday, September 28, 2001 - 07:10 pm:   

May our thanksgiving for the bounty and peace in our own lives include a committment to continuing our efforts to changing the world, that those who are hungry may be filled, and those without hope may find courage, until this entire globe is a place where all life is cherished.

Don't ever think that sharing food with an elderly neigbor, rescuing the nestling who fell from the branch, stopping your car to shoo the dog off of the road, does not impact the whole world.

The cosmic creator gave his higher life forms free will. Some have willed harm. We can choose to will peace. The victims of life's inequities are only a few feet away from us. We do not need guns or politicians to save ourselves from terror. They produce their own terror on U.S. citizens every day. Have we forgotten Waco, Ruby Ridge, the Japanese camps of WWII, McCarthyism?

The events of 9/11 are miniscule compared to the needs of the human race on a daily basis. This event is dangerously distracting, and to give in to this drama is to deny the reality of life around us.

The United States allows the consistent murder of tens of thousands of half-developed human beings every day and allows capitol punishment with the purpose of justifying military assasination/murder with no penalty, which it does practice in spite of what you might believe. Not only does it have the capability, had it been in the best interest of the United States Government (not the people, the Government)to eliminate Bin Laden, it would have already been done a hundred times over. These are the terrifying facts.

Trite as it may sound, PEACE DOES BEGIN WITH YOU! and not with a soldier who holds an assault rifle in a land of starving people.
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Posted on Saturday, September 29, 2001 - 04:37 pm:   

Message of a Massive Spiritual Exodus (9/11/01)

The message below if from Jean Reddeman. Jean is of the Stockbridge Munsee Bank of the Mohican Nation. Her Indian name is Wasaki Emani Wi, which means Strong Walking Woman. She is known by her people as a Seer. She does not mind that her words are shared.

"Yesterday's (9/11/01) incident seems to be what our elders had predicted long time ago. It was predicted that there will be a Massive Spiritual Exodus of very advanced Souls in order to really change the value system in the world. This Exodus could have been avoided if the nations would have worked towards peace and spiritual values. This Massive Exodus is sad because it needed so many sacrifices of human lives to allow the global awareness to raise to new levels.

Our elders had predicted that Great Good will come after this tragedy, especially if people recognized the teachings of the event and if they honored those that sacrificed their lives. We have to thank and elevate these souls that die during the tragedy. They will still be around us for 9 days. We need to feast them, honor them and recognize their love for all of us. We have to listen to their teachings, as they are very evolved souls that will be helping the major shift that the world so sorely needs. We are to honor them and ask them what we must do to change our world. They came into this lifetime to give us this gift, the gift of their lives and of their love, so that the world changes to a better place. We must honor them, we must go forward. We must listen to their messages from the Heavens."

There is much work to be done, particularly for women. Why Women? It comes from an old Indian Proverb:

"A nation is not lost as long as the women's hearts are still high. Only when the women's hearts are on the ground -- then all is finished, and the nation dies. The women are the life carriers. Women need to reach inside and tap into their own female powerful energy. The world needs much nurturing right now, more than ever. From this female energy, men will gain their original strength. Not the strength that economic, political and military power gives, but true spiritual strength from where all lives truly flourish. We need to cultivate the receptive, docile and nurturing energy. We cannot go on with wars, we will all die, if we do. We have to see in the middle of the pain and chaos the greater lessons. But, most of all, let us not miss the precious moment that we have in the next 9 days to talk to these souls that have left their bodies for our sake, for our salvation and true freedom. We must thank them from the bottom of our hearts, with incredible love, for they are great people. We have to share this moment so that together we can go to this new consciousness, the female energy that is so much needed at this time."
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Posted on Monday, October 01, 2001 - 01:25 pm:   

Many comments, analyses and thoughts have been put forward. In Denmark we see the same trends as apparently all over the western world where unfortunately Muslims are made for hate. We see it in every day life as well as in policy from the more conservative parties.

As I grow older my personal life become more and more simple and I see “the big issues” of modern society as examples in my daily life in very simple matters and ordinary issues. I experience if each of us could manage to solve these issues in a spiritual way then it is the best way we can contribute to understanding and peace in the world.

On Anger I would like to chare the following experience. This little account should be read in understanding of the above.

My husband and I have been fostering heavy emotional disturbed children for 13 years by now. We choose this way of living as the fire souls we are wanting to see if it would be possible to make a difference. We had a spiritual way of living already at the time we started this work and wanted to chare our knowledge about good food, herbal medicine and a practical as well as artistically approach to life.

A young women lived with us for 7 years. She was heavily retarded, was emotional disturbed from early life being born by a retarded mother and taken away from her at birth. On top of all this she was deaf on one ear and had very low hearing on the other. No one had been able to get her to use hearing aids so her language was almost not to understand. She had been living her first four years in a children’s home then with a non-professional family for 13 years. They had loved her but not known what she needed. Puberty came late to her and she started to be more and more violent. Lastly she was so much a problem to her surroundings that action implying fundamental changes had to be taken. Usually a girl like that will be put into a home given heavy medicine.

Yes, this sounds extreme. However, I believe there is a parallel to why terror is needed for some people just in order to be heard. Violence is the last way of expressing yourself when nothing else has been working.

We saw the girls cry for help. Mind you, we had thought we should give the people coming to live with us love and lots of understanding inspired very much of the Steiner approach. We had to face violence in all aspects. After a few month the girl transferred all her suppressed feelings on us as her psychic knew but one way of expressing itself that of violence.

We learned how to deal with her anger. We gave her proper food, herbal medicine lots of exercise and meaningful occupation. I have never in my life had such a hard job. The reason being that at the same time I had to deal with my own inner child trying to heal it. So I have never found out who benefited the most she or all the people helping us. After 2 years she accepted hearing aids and speech therapy and schooling. It was amazing to see her resources. She wanted to get more schooling, she wanted to take part in sport activities and got friends and even a boyfriend.

So she got what for her was the right food for the physical body, the right treatment for the psychic and the right “food” for her spirit.

During the last weeks I have continually asked “upstairs” how we best could help in the crisis the world is facing. On the inner planes I have travelled far beyond places I have ever visited before. New guides have shown themselves. The message has been the same every day: Heal even more of your own wounds than you ever have done before. This is the best way to help right now.

If each single human being managed to heal their own wounds a great difference is made to the suffering world. In this process I experience unlimited help from our creator.

Love and blessing to everyone. Hanne
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Posted on Saturday, October 06, 2001 - 09:05 pm:   

The prayer delivered January 23, 1996 by the
Rev. Joe Wright to the Kansas House.

Heavenly Father, we come before you today to ask your forgiveness and seek your direction and guidance. We know your Word says, "Woe to those who call evil good," but that's exactly what we've done. We have lost our spiritual equilibrium and inverted our values.
We confess that we have ridiculed the absolute truth of your Word and called it moral pluralism.
We have worshipped other gods and called it multi-culturalism.
We have endorsed perversion and called it an alternative lifestyle.
We have exploited the poor and called it the lottery.
We have neglected the needy and called it self-preservation.
We have rewarded laziness and called it welfare.
We have killed our unborn and called it choice.
We have shot abortionists and called it justifiable.
We have neglected to discipline our children and called it building esteem.
We have abused power and called it political savvy.
We have coveted our neighbors' possessions and called it ambition.
We have polluted the air with profanity and pornography and called it freedom of expression.
We have ridiculed the time-honored values of our fore-fathers and called it enlightenment.
Search us O God and know our hearts today; try us and see if there be some wicked way in us; cleanse us from every sin and set us free.
Guide and bless these men and women who have been sent here by the people of Kansas, and who have been ordained by you, to govern this great state. Grant them your wisdom to rule and may their decisions direct us to the center of your will. I ask it in the name of your son, the living savior, Jesus Christ.

Download and Listen to Pastor Wright's Prayer of Repentance
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Posted on Sunday, October 14, 2001 - 03:05 am:   

Help from andromeda.

Orø, Denmark 11.10.01

A great being of pure love and light from Andromeda volunteers service for the Middle East. Through a group working together for centauries with this being of love and light he/she asks people on earth to help anchoring a great ray of love and light in the Middle East.

We inhabitant on earth are asked to visualize this ray of love and light enveloping the “hearts of stone and fanaticism” which many of the people in power seem to have.

The Lord Christ, the lord Gautama Buddha and the prophet Muhammad volunteers in this process. Furthermore the archangel Michael stands by with his huge sword preventing what we often call evil, so that this ray can be manifested. The lord Pluto is there too. He offers the serpent, the dragon and the eagle as a transforming process.

We are asked to hold the image: the ray of love and light enveloping these “stone hearts”. They are to be found on each side no matter of believe systems or religion.

Everything to be done as an offer to change the Gordian knot the world is standing in right now, for the best of our mother Gaia, for common good for humanity so that we may approach more peaceful conditions on our planet.

If you feel for participating you are much needed and surely welcome.

Love and blessings from Hanne
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Posted on Monday, October 22, 2001 - 10:34 am:   

Encouragement for meditation
In connection with the inspiration I received from a being of light on Andromeda I would like to encourage everyone to participate in the Findhorn Foundation Prayer/meditation for America. You can find details on www.findhorn.org and go to community news.

I have meditated in the sanctuary and it contains pure love energy.

Love and blessing from Hanne
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Posted on Friday, November 02, 2001 - 07:20 am:   

Hi everyone,

Have a look at our new homepage. Well it is in Danish but you can get an idea of what is going on on our beutiful place. Love Hanne

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Posted on Friday, December 14, 2001 - 04:45 pm:   

In a mail just after sep.11th Ingrid wrote a warning about kidney diseases. In the light of this mail I would like to share the following:

The days after the 11th of September I felt my physical body considerably weakened. I did not take much notice as I thought it was general tiredness after some month’s heavy work. Fortunately, I was at that time staying at the seashore for a few weeks brake from general routine and soon found myself fine.

Then we had a general election in Denmark in November. It happened that we moved quite a bit to the right side and that our policy towards foreigners was the main issue under the campaign. It was incredible to watch the various parties having very intolerant views towards refugees and the low way they argued was beyond understanding. Until November I was proud of being a Dane because I found we were a tolerant people with space to all nationalities and creeds. Sep.11th has really made a difference. Now we are looked upon with distrust from the other European countries and in a way watch over. Our new ministers have been busy since the general election travelling round Europe explaining attitudes on refugees. Very sad!

Personally, I found my body getting very week since the general election. There is so much hatred in this country as in the world right now and I find it hard to carry.

It was the kidneys that failed to function. Having been a vegetarian for almost 30 years only buying organic food and cooking in a good way I had thought it impossible to get Podagra or Gout. My attack is not very severe but has been enough for making troubles. On top of that a cystitis caught just after Sep. 11th has kept bothering me. Of course Cystitis thrive in acid environment and I believe will not disappear before the Gouts has disappeared. I have been on intense basic diet the last month; my pains are less but it seems hard to be cured.

I find it extremely hard to live as the world is going now. I live in a very peaceful place on an island. I am able to talk with the angles and cooperate with Galactic beings and I am trying to listen and listen to make the next step the right one seen from a cosmic viewpoint forgetting the personal. However, I find the burden to be carried incredible hard and heavy. It is the burden of the worldly sub consciousness with all its anger, hatred and maybe what can be called evil.

I believe we inhabitant of Mother Earth who have a consciousness to carry this burden are obliged to carry it. I don’t believe it is necessary to become ill if we stay together and co work for the good and Gods will.

So I pray for staying together, for cooperation of people with a mind to understand what I am talking about.

At last I like to share from the abundance of our place:

The last days I have seen plenty of little folks, gnomes, sylphs, trolls, pixies and beings from the element walking with lanterns round our house. They form huge spirals and look very peaceful and content. I asked why they have decided for this great dance right now. The answer was: We are preparing for the Solstice, for the great beings of light coming to our planet on Winter solstice.

Will you have this in mind in your prayers? We have many helpers from the Universe. We are responsible to contact them and they will come to help. The daily life may seem very hard as mine recently but if we support each other I believe the burden will not be that heavy to carry.

I believe we are expecting masses of being form the Galaxy at Winter Solstice. Will you help giving support? When they first arrive say from Andromeda it is very difficult for them to get used to our heavy vibrations. Therefore they usually prefer to come down to clean, peaceful places so they gradually can accustom the finer bodies.

If we are fully willing to be able to co work with the cosmic beings our body needs to become clean. You need a clean body to raise yourself high enough in meditation to get the best possible response to your being and to your prayer. For this reason there is good sense in me getting Gouts. My body was simply not clean enough for the work I am supposed to do. Now it becomes cleaner and cleaner for everyday and hopefully may stay in that way.

With the best wishes for Solstice and the coming festivities for Christ, Hanne
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Posted on Wednesday, December 19, 2001 - 06:21 am:   


Strange that I wrote you privately earlier this evening before having read this post. The ritual herbal preparation that I am preparing for the solstice would address your current issues. I will mail some to you.

Yes, this is a time of great strain on those of us whose commitment to the Planet transcends our short-term personal convenience. All I can say is that it will surely be easier for us if (1) we unite as you have suggested, and (2) welcome the various Galactic emissaries who are coming to help.

God bless you and our Great Lady Gaia!
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Posted on Friday, December 21, 2001 - 09:51 am:   

Winter Solstice 2001 – Welcome to friends from Andromeda

In fairy tales we hear about pixies, fairies, trolls, the little people and many more. If our children are lucky they will have parents or grandparents reading all these lovely tales for them.

The great film “The Lord of the Ring has just been released” in Denmark. As we live with two thirteen years old boys what could be more appropriate than to see this beautiful film the day before Winter Solstice. I must often marvel at the timing on our planet. We are at present so much in need to see “good” fight “ evil”, to see real courage and how one person can make a difference in the lives of many, and this is what this film is about. All the kids who have not heard the old tales will come and watch this movie. Is it not wonderful?

Kindly tune in to your innermost being before you continue to read.

I am sharing from my most precious experiences.

In my life the little beings are very real. They do great service. I remember once I first met the Gnomes who at that time had an energy, which can be compared to hooligans, and their King told that they were very unhappy people and therefore their youngsters took to violence because no one needed them anymore. They were used to help building churches and holy places. Nowadays these building were not in trend! So I started asking them for help with holy places and also with making the herbal garden, which is placed at my domicile.

The last weeks the little people, gnomes, trolls, pixies and beings from the elements have been very busy preparing for the incoming of beings from Andromeda. This is the third time that we receive beings from Andromeda. The first lot came 4½ years ago and they were going to incarnate. The next lot were ½ a million and they did not incarnate. This time they are but many! I live on an island, Oroe it is called, about five kilometres South /North and five kilometres East/ West. The island is called “the Pearl of Isefjord” Isefjord being the name of the fjord the island is situated in. It has a shape of a heart.

The work of all the small beings started near our house. They walked in spirals each being carrying a torch. They went on day after day, night after night. The spirals continually expanding covering more and more land. A week ago they started at the centre of the island inspired by the great angle of the island and directed by my old friend from Sirius.

Our island used to serve as a burial place for the Vikings. We used to have more than a hundred stone settings. Nowadays the farmers have moved the stone cultivating the land. Mind you people here have been poor people struggling to survive. They also burned the woods in order to get heat forgetting to plant new trees. Did you know that the old stone settings used to be energy focus point? They also were very holy places. This means that if you moved the stones, you disturbed the energy patterns of an area.

It is possible with help from not incarnated beings to get all the old holy places to work again. Before my husband and I moved to Oroe 4½ years ago, we worked for twelve years with a holy forest near Copenhagen. As soon as all the holy places were functioning at the etheric we were told from our guides to move to this island. It happens that the holy place lifts itself to the etheric were it begins to function again. So a network of holy places is made working again. I believe this happens all over the world now.

A few days ago all the old stone settings on Oroe lifted themselves to the etheric so that they now function as the energy network they are meant to be.

Above Oroe there has the last four years been a huge crystal. It is used for energy work. Beings gather around an inner crystal to transform energy from the highest so that it may become prana that humans can use. Three days ago the great crystal gave birth to five lesser crystals under it and it was connected to two crystals above it. I asked my friend from Sirius how these crystals were meant to function. He said that the beings from Andromeda need to rest sometimes working with terrestrial issues. So now when they are arriving they can rest in these crystals were they do not need to confront the heavy energy of our planet. When they gradually feel ready they can go out to do their work and come back for rest.

It is my impression that all over our planet in forests and on holy places similar crystals are formed and being from many different Galaxies can rest in them. It is my impression that we will receive many helpers from other Galaxies.

A great job will be gradually to learn how we in the best way can support them. I am sure we will become inspired to know exactly what to do.

I wish that you may receive the inner peace from X-mas.

Love from Hanne
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Posted on Monday, April 01, 2002 - 07:01 pm:   

170 translated articles are available on my website www.mbtranslations.com. Among the vital articles are: Maria Mies' "The Crisis as a Chance: Exodus from the Accumulation Logic" and "Globalization=Militarization=Ramboization" Frederika Habermann's "Identities, Hear the Signals!", Robert Kurz' "Everything under Control on the Sinking Ship" and Philip Golub's "The Executive Marches". Enjoy the great harvest of resistance! I look forward to your comments as we finally put the horse before the cart and mend our own pockets before devastating the poorest countries!
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Posted on Friday, April 05, 2002 - 03:21 am:   

Well, I have a lot of proposals and some comments. First, we have to move to an ethical system of living on this Planet. This means that our business ethics and international relationships must be beyond reproach, impeccable . . . because just as we demand a high level of integrity in our personal relationships, so should we also in our public dealings. Intimate and professional modus operandis cannot have different yardsticks for measuring veracity, appropriateness, and equitability.

So, let's look at fairness. In the U.S., we have a tax system that many say is not even legal. I don't know; I'm not an expert, but I do know that a corporation that is technically an individual does not pay taxes as would an individual and that lobbying and loopholes have resulted in a situation in which the upper class basically pay almost no taxes and the middle class bears the burden for everyone.

I would propose discarding the entire system and replacing it with a consumption tax. There is no reason at all to have an income tax, especially one that is full of inequities. With a consumption tax, the normal economic incentives are there. If a person saves instead of spending, the funds are available through the banking system for lending to those with projects that create jobs. However, if one spends, there is no question but that the money exists so it is taxed when it is used.

One can always exempt basic necessities: food, medicine, shelter, and perhaps even clothing, but really, there is incredible flexibility inherent in such a system. It takes far fewer persons to administer the system; there is no need to pry into anyone's life for financial patterns.

Such taxes can be levied at the point of import or manufacture or at the point of sale. If levied at the point of import, they are called customs duties whereas if collected at the point of manufacture, they are called value added taxes, but really it's all the same. Money is a commodity, a medium of exchange, and it is basically as generic as air or water . . . and I'm sure really good arguments could be made for the abolition of money or some system for dispensing money on the basis of life rather than labor. I.e., follow your creativity, choose to do what you love, but do not expect to make more or less than your neighbor, just learn to enjoy.

That is a radical concept, but taxation based on spending is not a strange idea at all. It has almost immediate appeal to everyone's desire for fairness. If there are emergencies and sudden requirements for more money, the rate can be easily adjusted, just like the prime rate is adjusted; but there really is no basis for a system that is as flawed as the present system in the U.S.
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Posted on Friday, May 02, 2003 - 06:32 am:   

I have arrived.
I was there, I am, & I will be.
This "I" means, "I" and "You" and Everything, and is Eternal.
Everyone has his own "Religion" & has to follow it. One should not try to follow others "Religion". There are as many "Relegions" equal to as many lives.
Forcing your "Religion" on other indivisual creates, on small scale tussles, & large scale wars.
Religion is indivisual affair.
Religion is your own work.
If you are doing your own work honestly you are religious person.
There is no need to search for God.
God is inside you as well as outside you.
"Good" is some work you do for others without expecting anything in return.
"Bad" is forcing someone to work for you or expecting work from others without giving him what he demands in return.
What happens in this world is cyclic repetition
of events from Birth of Sun & Moon & planetary system to the end. The events go on occurring in the same sequence again & again.
One should not get involved.
Follow your own religion (your own heart) leave rest to me.
Do not search for me.
Thank You.
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Posted on Friday, May 02, 2003 - 02:27 pm:   

You are very simple but world is not. World consists of two principles Agents of God & Agents of Satan. Agents of God are given miximum hardships, this is the test whether they leave the path of truth and faith in God. Agents of Satan are given all the wealth & Power & Knowledge this is their test whether in spite of getting all whether they are leaving the path of Satan.
Those who have everything, dream of more & more so your ideas on Tax system are bound to fail. People would stop spending altogether. Then money would stop circulating, recession sets in & as people would use force to get money wars start.
This was observation of Marx. & Then He advocated communism as solution where as Other professor offered welfare states as solution. Communism failed because there was too much concentration of power in the hands of some people.
Only solution is concept of "Donations to deserving organizations & people" who would assure that disribution is done as per due requirements without partiality of any kind usual factors being Religion,Race,Caste,Relations, Linguistic factors etc.
Only Voluntary (Not forced, by religious institutions or tax saving purposes) Donations can purify the souls and that too, if taken care that it is given to proper persons. This is very important as Satans forces also come in disguise of poor & needy persons.
A mild form of Tax collection system with added voluntary donation system is the real solution.
While running a govt. one needs carrot in one hand & stick in other. Stick is for Satans force either rich or poor as they won't be satisfied with carrot offered, & Carrot is for Gods forces who would not be afraid of stick.
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Posted on Wednesday, May 26, 2004 - 12:07 am:   

Personal Voices: Is Bush the Anti-Buddha?
Allan Hunt Badiner, AlterNet
May 17, 2004

When George W. Bush mouths the word "compassion" chills dart up my
spine. Anyone paying attention can easily see how the actions of the
Bush regime reflect a distinct lack of empathy and understanding. This
is an administration bent on blatant paybacks to friends and
contributors at everyone else's expense. Its single truth: What is good
for extractive profits is good for the country. Trees and caribou don't
contribute cash so Bush's environmental policy opens majestic old
growth forests for commercial logging and protected wilderness areas
for domestic oil exploration. His foreign policy confuses justice with
punishment, disagreement with treachery, and cultural differences with
evil. He willingly risks escalating and perpetuating a continuous cycle
of global violence.

Bush's regime is a disgraceful manifestation of the nefarious crony
capitalism that the Presidents Roosevelt -- Theodore and Franklin --
used their administrations to combat. His vows of "No Child Left Behind," and
his recent but forgotten AIDS initiative in Africa tell all, as does his
underfunded plan to expand AmeriCorps and his promises to clean up carbon
monoxide poisoning while increasing the pollution rights of the corporations
that fund him. He cuts taxes, then drives the Federal Government from surplus to
its greatest debt in history, robbing future citizens to pay the bill. Taking
and sending for Bush is not about tonglen (giving and receiving) but monetary
and political favors.

Compassion, according to Bush, is allowing utility plants to upgrade
their infrastructure without the pollution abatements previously
required by law when, according to the National Academy of Sciences, 50,000
American children are born every year with brains damaged by prenatal exposure
to methyl mercury compounds from fossil-fuel and industrial air pollution. And
adding insult to injury, Bush and his minions spend their holidays shooting
innocent creatures -- bird, fox and deer hunting not for supper but for sport.

Thai Buddhist professor Sulak Sivaraksa likens Bush to Hitler and
Stalin, arguing that his declaration of an 'Axis of Evil,' Hitler's
'Final Solution,' and Stalin's pogrom of peasants were actually similar attempts
"to perfect the world by destroying its [perceived] impurities." Bush has
withdrawn the U.S. from nearly all cooperative efforts for the planet like
international treaties for nuclear disarmament, and initiatives like
the Kyoto Accord to abate climate instability. Even if Bush does not
win reelection, or otherwise get elected, the damage he has done will
live on in the form of zealots in judicial robes that will set misguided legal
precedents for hundreds of years. His is the zealotry and the extremism that
Shakyamuni Buddha spent his life defining as the cause of suffering.

How does a student of the Dharma deal with the rising temptation to
wish ill will on the perpetrators of such shocking and detestable
undertakings? To the specter of four more years of Bush, what is an appropriate
Buddhist response?

While it's important to recognize the full scope of the damage
generated by this President and his cronies, and understandable to feel
bitter, the Dharma clearly counsels us against hating our enemies. As Buddhists,
we can assume that Bush-hating doesn't help anyone. Buddhist philosophy is
centered on non-duality, the unity of all things, so we must concede that we
ourselves are not separate from the corruption and unprincipled behavior of
those who represent us. It is in fact an old political axiom that people get the
government they deserve.

As Thich Nhat Hanh might say, the Bush Regime is made up of non-Bush
elements, and there are Bush-like behaviors in every family, and in
every mind. Hated by the Viet Cong for being CIA and by the CIA for
being Viet Cong, Nhat Hanh is famously loved for his plea that we
transform anger through meditation and heal it by putting our loving
kindness into practical action. Martin Luther King Jr. taught that true
nonviolence means "you not only refuse to shoot a man, but you refuse
to hate him." "If we could read the secret history of our enemies,"
Longfellow reminded us, "we should find in each man's life sorrow and
suffering enough to disarm all hostility."

Bush deserves our appreciation because he gives us a need to practice
and thus to progress along the path. The Dalai Lama often speaks of the
Chinese with gratitude, saying they have given him the "unavoidable
opportunity" to practice compassion and cultivate forgiveness and
understanding. Zen-Benedictine Brother David Steindl-Rast and Joan
Halifax Roshi teach radical gratefulness, which posits that in every
difficult or painful circumstance there is an opportunity for gratitude.
Adversity can show us how well we have mastered our minds, how far along the
path we have progressed.

Asked how those in the Dharma should respond to times like these, and
how they should live their lives in a world where evil runs like an
open sewer, the great Tibetan master Thrangu Rinpoche said "You must
counter the negative energy with as much positive thought and action as
you can possibly muster. You must unceasingly sustain Bodhisattva
action." It is the Buddha's teaching to make of ourselves an example, a
light, a beacon. What a practice opportunity has been thrust upon us!

This opens the possibility that the consequence of our long suffering
in the realm of the Bush regime will be a complacent body politic that
wakes up. The bold and unrepentant corroding of the core principles of
justice, fairness and personal liberty that made this nation great,
could make people feel an urgent need for a U-turn. The Bush years
could be the threshold to another great society, an era of great
compassion in which elected officials become representatives of the
people again and restore the environment, reinvigorate social programs, and
bring fairness and integrity back to government.

Meanwhile, Bush's approval ratings are still high for many Americans.
Thwarted in their samsaric longings and impotent in their daily grind,
they admire the macho cowboy image and identify with the "regular guy" quality
of their leader. As the California election of Arnold Schwarzenegger has again
shown us, people have difficulty separating virtual reality from real life,
entertainment from existence. The mind is easily clouded by confusion, ignorance
and projection.

The consistent unskillfulness of the Bush government makes it tempting
to confuse evil and ignorance. Buddhism observes that people are not
inherently evil -- even if their behavior has that appearance. "Like a
blind man in a room full of deaf people." is how Ex-U.S. Treasury
secretary Paul O'Neil describes a surprisingly disengaged Bush during cabinet
meetings. The Bush sangha, i.e., Cheney, Rumsfeld etc., have taken refuge in an
old and outdated vision of the world, one hopelessly Cartesian,
self-referential, and completely lacking awareness of interconnection, cause and
effect, and certainly the true meaning of compassion.

Just after 9/11, anxious to do what he could to prevent all out war,
the Dalai Lama broke with a long tradition of not commenting on the
internal affairs of other nations and wrote to Bush. "It may seem presumptuous
on my part," said His Holiness, "but I personally believe we need to think
seriously whether a violent action is the right thing to do and in the greater
interest of the nation and people in the long run." His Holiness stressed to
Bush how "violence will only increase the cycle of violence." He suggested the
American President deal with the root causes of such senseless violence: hatred
and anger. Bush didn't get it. "The Bush administration simply doesn't trust
smart people," says Harvard lawyer Alan Dershowitz. "It's anti-intellectual by
nature, and it doesn't even want to hear their advice."

Given the countless Iraqis and over 4,000 Americans killed or injured
-- not in self-defense but in cold blood, and given the enablement of
pollution, the trees and animals hurried into extinction, can we even
begin to calculate the negative karma Bush & Co. are mounting? But if
Buddha could forgive and even ordain Angulimala, whom the sutras say viciously
killed thousands of innocent people with his own hands, then can George W. Bush
be beyond our forgiveness and compassion? And didn't the great Tibetan yogi
Milarepa practice black magic and kill people before he turned his mind so
magnificently to the dharma?

George W. Bush is unfortunately no Angulimala or Milarepa who were able
to overcome, to awaken to the unskillfulness of their actions and
repent the loss of life they caused. In fact, Bush may be the closest we can
come to an anti-Buddha: a global poster-boy for profound ignorance. We can use
him in our visualizations. We can breath in his confusion and breath out to him
our clarity. We can also get out on the campaign trail for candidates
who more closely represent that first precept: Do no harm. Sit and breathe
contemplating this and see if you feel called to volunteer on voter-registration

Mindful that the real source of American power does not come from its
superior war machine but from its constitution, its leadership in the
global community, its democracy and its history of respect for human rights,
George Bush has seriously weakened America. For this he deserves no praise, only
reproach. But my practice has helped me prevent any grim imaginings in
his regard. When I'm stricken with unskillful thoughts about the President, I
immediately focus on the words of the Buddha: "Hatred can never put an end to
hatred, love alone can. This is the unalterable law."

Now my visualizations are of bearing witness to a panoply of devas and
gods, the Boddhisatva Avalokitesvara, and countless rows of Buddha's
and Bodhisattvas throughout space and time sitting in the clouds and
celebrating Bush's retirement from the Oval Office and his safe return to
Crawford, Texas.

Then I close with two healing mantras in rapid succession: "May all
beings be happy and free from suffering -- even Bush" "May all beings
be happy -- and freed from Bush."

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